Week of December 2nd

Upcoming Dates:

  • Christmas Party – Friday, December 20th at 9 am
  •  Early Release Day – Friday, December 20th at 12:15

What we are learning:

  • Spelling Words: so, them, she, many
  • Phonics/Spelling pattern: CVCe words: Ex: note, make  (On the back of the spelling test, there will be a CVC word like the word: not and the students will have to add an e to the end of the word to make the word: note and then they draw a picture of the word.)
    • Here are some example CVC words to add an e to each word to create a silent e (CVCe word).  Once the students make the new word have them read the word and draw a picture of the new word.
    • Screen-Shot-2019-11-23-at-5.37.13-PM.png (428×516)
  •  Math: Addition and Subtraction using bigger numbers. (using addition and subtraction problems with answers under 20)
    • To practice at home: I would love for the kids to start memorizing addition and subtraction facts where the answer is 10 and under.  You can make flash cards with the facts Ex: 2+3=, 4+5, 8+2, etc.
  • Writing: Using nonfiction books to help create our own nonfiction stories.
  • Reading: Nonfiction books: table of contents, glossary, labels, etc.
  • Science/Social Studies: Owls: we are going to have so much fun learning about owls this week!! Don’t tell the kiddos but we will be dissecting  an owl pellet!

Week of November 18

+++ This week we will be having a fundraiser to help raise money for two amazing women in our community that have become sick.  I sent home a letter last week about it. We will be collecting donations (coins, dollars, anything will help with their medical bills) To make this even more fun for our kiddos each day we will have a dress up day!

Dress up days:

Monday: Wear your favorite team jersey/shirt (or your teams favorite colors)

Tuesday: Wear PJS

Wednesday: Hat day

Thursday: Bring favorite stuffed animal to school

Friday: Roughneck spirt colors

ON FRIDAY: We will be having our Reader Theater Performance in our classroom.  Please try to make it.  The kiddos have been working so hard on this.  9:30 in our classroom.  

This week:

Spelling words: about, how, up, out (Spelling test will be on Thursday due to program on Friday) 

Spelling Pattern/Phonics: Review Digraphs: sh, th, wh, ch and adding digraph ph  (ph is like wh, the kiddos will have a hard time coming up those words on their own, so to practice just point out words that have that pattern in them.)

Math: Doubles and Doubles plus one.  To practice at home: I would make flash cards with the doubles facts on it to flash with the kiddos.  I am wanting these facts to be automatic for our kiddos.  If they can memorize these facts it will help them so much with our other harder math that will be coming up! Once they memorize the doubles then flash the double and ask what is one more than that.  Ex: 3+3 what is one more than this double?, the answer is 7.

Doubles are: 0+0, 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 7+7, 8+8, 9+9, 10+10

Science/Social Studies: Thanksgiving

Week of November 11

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Thank you to those who have served and currently serve our country!  Your sacrifice is appreciated!

Image result for image of an american flag

Important Dates:

  • Friday, November 15th: We get to walk to the high school and watch a production of Cinderella.
  • November 22nd: We will have a special performance in our classroom.  The students will perform a short readers theater and a few Thanksgiving songs.  The kids would love for you to come and watch. 9:30 am!  Hope to see you all there!
  • Thanksgiving holiday Nov. 25-29

What we are learning:

  • Spelling: if, do, will, each
  • Spelling pattern/phonics: sh, th, ch, wh
    • On the back of the spelling test, the kids will be asked to write which digraph is in each word: For example, there will be a picture of a thumb, the kids will have to write th.
      • To Practice:
        • Monday: Come up with 3 sh words
        • Tuesday: Come up with 3 th words
        • Wednesday: Come up with 3 ch words
        • Thursday: With your help pick out a few objects that start with wh.  (wh is harder for them to come up with words on their own.)
  • Reading: We are focusing on reading with expression and fluency.
  • Math:  Greater than/Less than, ordering numbers
    • How you can practice at home:
      • Give your child two number and ask them which is greater or less than.  You can have them practice writing the symbol in between the numbers. (Example: 67 > 56 )
      • We will be learning how to order numbers on Wednesday.   You can write 4 numbers on 4 different index cards and have your kiddo put the index cards in order from least to greatest.
  • Social Studies/Science: Thanksgiving/ Practice for Readers Theater.

Week of November 4th

This week:

  • Spelling words: your, which, their, said
  • Spelling pattern:  Blends:Sm, sk, scr, str
    • To practice:
      • Monday: Come up with 3 words that have sm in them.
      • Tuesday: Come up with 3 sk words.
      • Wednesday: Come up with 3 scr words
      • Thursday: some up with 3 str words
    • On the back of the spelling test this week, the students will be asked to describe something using adjectives.
      • To practice: grab a household object and describe it using adjectives.  Example: Describe an apple (hard, red, smooth)
  • Math: Place value
  • Writing: Focus on starting our sentences with a capital letter and ending with a period
  • Science/Social Studies: Thanksgiving/ Past and present
  • Reading: Using the plot of stories: a story tells who, where, and what happened

Week of October 21

  • Monday, October 21st – STUDENT HOLIDAY! Enjoy this day off with your child 🙂
  • October 28th-November 1st – Red Ribbon Week!
    • Monday: Wear red
    • Tuesday: Team shirt/jersey
    • Wednesday: Pjs
    • Thursday: Book Character dress up day
    • Friday: Roughneck Spirit
  • Tuesday, October 29th – Student-led conferences – Please make sure you are signed up!
  • Wednesday, October 30th – EARLY RELEASE DAY! Students will be released at 11:30 (if your child is boys and girls club please let me know ahead of time how they will be getting home that day!)

This Week:

  • Spelling: we, there, can, an
  • Spelling Pattern: Consonant blends: sp, sn, st, sl
    • To practice: On Monday: come up with words that begin with sp (ex. spit); On Tuesday, come up with words that begin with sn (ex: snap); On Wednesday, Come up with words that begin with st (ex. step); On Thursday, come up with words that begin with sl (ex. slap)
  • Math:  Numbers to 20: place value, putting the numbers in order, comparing numbers
  • Writing: Using Facts and details in our nonfiction writing
  • Reading: Learning new information from the nonfiction stories we read.
  • Science/Social Studies: Bats and Spiders

Week of October 14th


  • Tuesday, October 15th – Fire Station visit (please make sure your child is wearing socks!)
    • No parents needed for this short trip to our local fire department!
    • We are going to get to go to the fire station across the street from the school.  They will learn about fire safety and get to use the blow up bouncy fire house to practice  fire safety rules!
  • Monday, October 21st – STUDENT HOLIDAY! Enjoy this day off with your child 🙂
  • October 28th-November 1st – Red Ribbon Week!
    • Monday: Wear red
    • Tuesday: Team shirt/jersey
    • Wednesday: Pjs
    • Thursday: Book Character dress up day
    • Friday: Roughneck Spirit
  • Tuesday, October 29th – Student-led conferences – Click the link to sign up for a time.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/805054AABA82CA1F85-parent
  • Wednesday, October 30th – EARLY RELEASE DAY! Students will be released at 11:30 (if your child is boys and girls club please let me know ahead of time how they will be getting home that day!)

This week

  • Reading – Kevin Henkes author study
  • Phonics – ABC order — we will do this by putting our names, word wall words, candy wrappers, books, etc. in ABC order (This is the skill that will be tested on the back of our spelling test this week)
  • Spelling – what, all, were, when — spelling test Friday!
  • Writing – Continue to focus on characters, how their feelings change, and the beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • Math – Lots of review! Please continue to go over addition and subtraction with your child at home! When doing homework or extra practice, have your child circle the sign in the number sentence so that they will focus on what operation they need to perform (+ or -). We are really working on SLOWING DOWN so that we don’t make careless errors during math such as miscounting, adding when we are supposed to subtract/subtracting when we are supposed to add, writing numbers backward, etc. We will also review strategies, measurement, and graphing! Math benchmark Friday!
  • Science – Fun unit on force with a focus on magnets!
      • The students will get to visit the other 1st grade teachers on a rotation to learn a different force/motion/magnet activity!  They are going to LOVE this… Switching classes like big kids!

Week of October 7th

Spelling words: one, had, not, but

Spelling Pattern: Double Consonant (the “Floss rule”)

FLOSS RULE for First Grade Phonics! This anchor chart is simple yet effective. My students loved looking for examples of “floss words” in their reading and writing.

To practice at home: Try to come up with a few words that have the Floss rule… (Monday come up with a double ll word, Tuesday a double ff word, Wednesday: a double ss word. ) How I teach this is: 1st we say a word that has that sound at the end of the word, then we count the syllables in that word (to count syllables we tap out the syllables with our fingers).  Then we determine if the vowel was short or long.  If the word has one syllable and a short sound it has a double at the end of the word.

Math: measurement: we use nonstandard measurement to measure a variety of objects.  To practice at home: HAVE FUN! Use cheerios, paper clips, pennies, cubes, pieces of paper, sticky notes, etc.  Measure objects all around the house.  Make sure students are starting at the start of the object and stopping at the end of the object.  (not using too many or not enough of the “measurement tools”  )

Reading: We are starting a two week author study unit on Kevin Henkes. This week we are really focusing on character of a story.  Next week we will focus on how Kevin Henkes writes his stories.  (Does he use the same characters, setting, etc.)

Writing: What is a noun? On Tuesday of this week, we will use our Noun-oculars, students use hands to make glasses,  EVERYTHING they see or can touch is a noun;

Science/Social Studies: Force and motion

Week of September 30th

Spelling Words: from, have, or, by

Phonics/Spelling Pattern: Knowing the difference between a long vowel sound and a short Vowel sound.  Ex: Cake is Long and Tap is short.  To practice say a word and ask if the vowel is a short sound or long sound.  (example of words to ask: dice, tip, sip, dime, pop, note, map, make, met, meat) **They do not have to spell them just know if it is short or long sound.

Math: Review word problems/ review addition and subtraction/ figure out all the ways to make 10; Introduce graphs (Monday: Tally Chart, Tuesday: Pictograph, Wednesday: Bar Graph.  Thursday: We will see all the ways to make 10!)

Writing: Use a plan to help guide our Writing, Know when to capitalize a letter: Names, I, Days and Months.  We will also start practicing editing a paragraph.

Reading: Knowing the difference between fiction and nonfiction.  (To practice at home sort books by fiction and nonfiction)

Science/Social Studies: Finish up our unit about inventors: Thomas Edison

Week of September 22

Important Dates: 

  • Wednesday: Early Release 11:30 (please let me know if there are ride changes in planners!)
  • Monster Truck show October 5th (This is a great fundraiser for our school!)
  • Red Ribbon week October 28-Nov. 1
    • Monday: Wear red
    • Tuesday: Team Jersey
    • Wednesday: PJs
    • Thursday:  Wear book Themed Halloween Costume
    • Friday: Roughneck spirit colors
  • Student Led Conferences October 28th… I will be posting a link to sign up for a time slot (Please try to make it for this day… It will only be 15-20 minutes.)

This week: 

  • Spelling Words: his, they, be, this
  • Spelling Pattern: –ack,- ing,- eck (please practice making words with this spelling pattern example:  pack, sing, peck… have your child try to make as many words as they can!
  • Math: Addition and Subtraction
  • Writing: Adding Characters to stories
  • Reading: Difference between fiction/nonfiction stories ; retelling stories using the beginning, middle, end of stories
  • Science/Social Studies: Inventors:Alexander Graham Bell



  • Sign planners each night
  • Read each night!!
  • Please bring books back each day so I can give them a new book!

I thoroughly enjoy every child in my room!  We have a lot of laughs and I love to see their smiling faces as I greet them each day!  I feel privileged to have the opportunity to teach your child!