May 4th-May 8th

Well everyone, we are on the final leg of virtual learning for the official end of the school year!!! This week will be the LAST week of campus packets and Seesaw assignments!!!! On Seesaw this week you will find fun activities learning about the life cycle of plants and Mother’s Day crafts! Some important information…

*We will distribute your child’s personal belongings AND chocolate from our fundraiser on MONDAY, MAY 11th AND TUESDAY, MAY 12th.  Items will be available from 8:00-5:00 at the gym entrance (where buses drop off/pick up). Anything not picked up will be stored at the school until August for the students.

*This is also the day you will return ANY packet work your child has completed!

*An all call and letter with more specifics will be going out soon. Please be on the look out for these things

**If you have any guided reading books laying around the house (these are the books that come home each day with your child in their book bag) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring those to turn in as well – check your child’s backpack to make sure there are none hiding anywhere 😉

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email [email protected] or message on Remind.


Love, Mrs. Wells

Chocolate Fundraiser

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Prior to leaving for spring break, White Oak Primary completed our “World’s Finest Chocolate” fundraiser. We had plans to have the chocolate delivered and distributed to students the first week of April.  As we all know, all of our systems have changed or stopped due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We have paid for the chocolate and it is being held for us in a climate-controlled warehouse. The safety of our staff, students, and community is our top priority.  We cannot have the chocolate delivered from our distributor in Shreveport until restrictions have been lifted and it is safe for our employees and you to handle the shipments. You will get your products as soon as it is deemed safe to distribute and/or school has resumed. Thank you for understanding.  We apologize for any hardship this may cause.


Claire Koonce
Stephanie Bradley

A letter from our Principal regarding Packets/Seesaw

Parents and Guardians,

We greatly appreciate the work you are doing at home with our students.  Our teachers have worked really hard to supply work and resources by SeeSaw and through packets.  Our intent is not for this to be overwhelming to you. It is for the “continuity of the educational process.” Please do not feel as if your child must complete the paper packets and Seesaw work each week.  If you are able to access Seesaw and can do the work presented there, you do not have to have your child complete a paper packet. Please do what works for your family and your situation. There have been a few questions about grading.  Packets and Seesaw work that is completed at home will not be graded. We are asking for paper packets that are completed to be returned so that we can evaluate work done at home. The work done through Seesaw is being viewed frequently. Promotion and retention will not be based on the work done while our students are at home.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or Mrs. Bradley at [email protected].

Service project opportunity

I am so super excited to share this service project opportunity with you!!!

This is a project started in Ms. Marsh’s class.   Nycole Bowden, Logan’s mother, has helped Ms. Marsh organize a service project our class can participate in. She works with geriatric patients who are confined during this period of shelter in place. If you would like to brighten these elderly people’s day, please have your student make a small poster or a card. I know they will be appreciative of anything! You can mail or drop off the cards/posters to/at Nycole’s house (6580 FM 1845, Longview, TX); or text her and make other arrangements (903-806-0796). Please note this is completely optional, but wow, what a great opportunity to spread some love and kindness!

This would be great to do during art or writing time at home!

Please feel free to share this information with any of your friends or family!

Lots of important info.

With the extended closure, it is very important that you do as many activities and lessons at home that you can! I will continue to post these on Seesaw each week, so PLEASE log-in regularly. Your kiddo will begin to have a reading, writing, phonics, and math lesson EACH day of the week! In addition to these lessons your child still needs to be reading a minimum of 20 minutes a day! I know it is not always your child’s favorite thing to do, but is so very necessary. Also, please keep in mind your child does not have to do school all day long! Playing outside, doing puzzles, dance parties, movement breaks, painting, building, and all of those FUN things are also SO important!!! (please let me know if you cannot access the seesaw activities – it is where they can watch a lesson then do an activity on seesaw and submit it on seesaw)

+All first grade teachers have worked on our seesaw activities so that all 1st grade kiddos get the same amazing lessons each day!


-New work packets are available at the school

-I will take down this weeks seesaw activities on Sunday and add next weeks new assignments on Sunday.

-Remember the most important thing for your child to do is to read and write each day! Everything else is a bonus. And it is OKAY if you have a day where life gets away from us and we skip learning that day!

-I am LOVING see all the kiddos hard work! They look so proud of themselves!

-I miss all of you so very much! Thank you for all your hard work during this!

+++Please keep any finished work that you complete on the packets for me if you do not mind! The work that you complete on Seesaw automatically saves it for me so you don’t have to worry about saving that to your computer it sends it to me and I get to save it. (If you have not saved the packet stuff yet that is okay just start now. This just helps us as a district to prove that we have continued learning while we were out)+++

~My teacher heart misses my kids more than you know! I hate that we are missing all of this time together, but I also want you all to stay as healthy as you can! Please continue to send pictures and videos!

~Thank you for becoming your child’s teacher during this crazy time. If I can do anything to lower your stress level, please contact me at ANY time! You may send me a message anytime on Remind!  🙂

Online Guided reading Books: 

For additional guided reading books please visit this website –

USERNAME: txreview

PASSWORD: password

Once you are logged in click on Readers Workshop

Then if you scroll down on the left you can click on the reading level. If you need to know what level I would suggest, please message me! Remember, you don’t want the book to be too hard but you also don’t want the book to be too easy. If you want to work on fluency, I recommend going down one level.

In each level, you will find readers and readers theaters! HOW COOL! The computer will read the books to your kiddo BUT if you are choosing a book on their level, I would rather your kiddo read the book instead of the computer!

*Please please please keep having your kiddos read AT LEAST 20 minutes each day*

Pre-K/K packets & Speech packets

Pre-K – K Round-Up packets are available for pick up in front of the WOISD administration building or at  
Packets may be returned to the administration building in a box, just inside the front door, all week.  
Students receiving speech may pick up packets from Mr. Gray, in our administration building, between 8:00-4:00 M-W of this week.  Packets not picked up by Wednesday will be mailed.