Week of December 2nd

Upcoming Dates:

  • Christmas Party – Friday, December 20th at 9 am
  •  Early Release Day – Friday, December 20th at 12:15

What we are learning:

  • Spelling Words: so, them, she, many
  • Phonics/Spelling pattern: CVCe words: Ex: note, make  (On the back of the spelling test, there will be a CVC word like the word: not and the students will have to add an e to the end of the word to make the word: note and then they draw a picture of the word.)
    • Here are some example CVC words to add an e to each word to create a silent e (CVCe word).  Once the students make the new word have them read the word and draw a picture of the new word.
    • Screen-Shot-2019-11-23-at-5.37.13-PM.png (428×516)
  •  Math: Addition and Subtraction using bigger numbers. (using addition and subtraction problems with answers under 20)
    • To practice at home: I would love for the kids to start memorizing addition and subtraction facts where the answer is 10 and under.  You can make flash cards with the facts Ex: 2+3=, 4+5, 8+2, etc.
  • Writing: Using nonfiction books to help create our own nonfiction stories.
  • Reading: Nonfiction books: table of contents, glossary, labels, etc.
  • Science/Social Studies: Owls: we are going to have so much fun learning about owls this week!! Don’t tell the kiddos but we will be dissecting  an owl pellet!

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